Do you Python? We Python big time.

Things we Pythoned

We love and cherish open-source, depend on it in every project we do and try go give back as much as we can, whether it’s with donations, code contributions, or releasing our projects on GitHub for others to use. It really is something we strongly believe in. Our our most popular open-source projects so far would probably be font-awesome-to-png and its successor, icon-font-to-png but we have much more in the making. Stay tuned!

Our lovely blog

Reading and writing interesting articles about Python is great, but we don’t really subscribe to the usual "it’s a company blog so it has to be professional and serious" line of thinking. That’s just not us. So visit our blog looking for Python related news and articles, stay for the self condescending humor, obscure references and XKCD images. Because who doesn’t love a well placed XKCD reference, right? Right…?

Hire us

As you can probably guess we specialize in Python related projects. We have experience not only with creating a project from the ground up but also with extending an existing one and helping out a team in their final stretch of work. We always use the right tool for the job, whether its Django, Flask, RESTful API or something completely different, like common use Python libraries, scripts, API wrappers, command line interfaces, etc.

Want to Python with us?

We’re not actively looking for new employees at the moment but feel free to drop us a message if you feel like you would be a good addition to our team. As you probably already figured, out we love Python and open-source. After that, we tend to look more at the person and their mindset then the usual hard cutoff line of ‘years of experience’, knowing this particular framework, etc.

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